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    Who We Are

    NutraRoots was founded in 2019 by LaToya Faulk. We are a Health and Wellness specialty brand featuring premium products and exceptional customer service. A brand that is quality-driven and focused on maximizing the health of people around the globe. At NutraRoots we offer liquid vitamins that are 100% Vegetarian, non-GMO and contains a unique blend of nutrients. Our goal is to provide nutrients curated to help individuals look and feel their best. Our passion for assisting others comes from our genuine concern for one's health. We take great pride in our brand as we continually research to bring top-of-the-line products at reasonable prices.

    About the Founder

    I am God-Fearing, a wife, mother, and Air Force Veteran. I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio, but currently reside in Pennsylvania. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Sciences, and currently a full-time student working towards my Doctoral Degree in Pharmacy.

    I started NutraRoots, because I have a passion to help others improve their health from the inside out. I began to live a holistic lifestyle in 2017 by eliminating certain foods from my diet, and after researching the benefits of liquid vitamins, I decided to add these natural nutritional supplements to my regimen. I’ve realized that by adapting a healthier lifestyle can impact positive change in one’s life. By achieving great results this led to the creation of NutraRoots; which enables others to benefit the same by providing high-quality products expertly researched, carefully handpicked and offered in one place.


    Customer satisfaction is our priority. We see every day as an opportunity to give you the best shopping experience as we maintain our promise to constantly provide great products & services that are not always ordinarily available on the market. We believe that our clients are partners and your happiness is crucial for our own success. We strive to make your overall experience as delightful as possible!